Buy Crypto


  • Buy crypto in One Click
  • Pay with the currency and payment method of your choice
  • Supports 70+ payment methods


  • Easily buy crypto using your debit or credit card and send it directly to your crypto wallet (Metamask, SafePal, Trust, etc) or directly to the program wallet for Hyperverse, World Crypto Life, NovaTech, Pegasus, Bonanza and many others.
  • Very low fees
  • Click HERE to use SimpleSwap to buy or swap crypto
  • Click HERE for the guide in buying crypto in SimpleSwap.


  • Biggest crypto exchange
  • Purchase Fee: 0.5% Buy/Sell Crypto fee. $1.63 on $325 USDT Tether order
  • Transfer Fee: TBD
  • Network Fee: TBD


  • Easy buying of crypto
  • BNB not available. Can buy XLM, transfer to wallet and swapped for BNB BEP20 or Smartchain (same thing)
  • Purchase Fee: Varies. About $5.00 for a purchase of $325 USDT Tether)
  • Transfer Fee: Zero for USDT Tether transfer to a wallet
  • Network Fee (Transfer): it may vary based on network usage. (I've seen it as low as $3.46 to $8.83 for a $325 transfer to HyperVerse receive code)
  • Will hold your first-time purchase for 5-7 working days before you can transfer it to your wallet.


  • Best for managing Helium (HNT) tokens earned from iHub Global
  • Where your iHub HNT earnings should be sent
  • Can immediately buy crypto but cannot transfer for 90 days
  • Purchase Fee: TBD
  • Transfer Fee: TBD
  • Network Fee: TBD

  • Easiest for buying BNB and transferring to Metamask, SafePal and Trust wallets for Zeus' Bounty
  • Can also be used for purchasing USDT (Tether) for HyperVerse funding
  • Purchase Fee: 2.99% on each purchase (FREE first 30 days)
  • Transfer Fee: charges $25.00 for each transfer to a wallet
  • Network Fee: TBD
  • International Fee: some banks like Bank of America charges an additional 2.99% fee because is located outside U.S.
  • 24 hours wait after whitelisting a receive code
  • Apply for the debit card and earn CROs


  • For buying USDT (Tether) to fund HyperVerse
  • It will take 7-10 days before being able to send USDT (Tether) to your HyperVerse account.
  • Purchase Fee: charges $0.15 per $100 purchase.
  • Transfer Fee: charges $30.00 for the transfer to HyperVerse
  • Network Fee: TBD