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  • iHub Global will be deploying over 35 million hotspot miners within the next few years, We are looking for Hosts and Partners in your area. Click HERE to see why.
  • Contact the person who got you here and sign-up to be a FREE affiliate or click HERE to sign-up now. I suggest to choose being a Host / Affiliate to earn referral commissions without spending a single dime. Simply refer others to earn 20% - 35% referral commissions.

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  • If a location qualifies to host a hotspot, there is a $99 one-time application fee but since a voucher for an $89 antenna upgrade is included, essentially, it is only $10 total application fee.
  • The host will choose between a refundable $400 deposit or a very affordable $18/mo 36 month lease.
  • Or you could buy your own device for $600 and wait six months to get it or buy it on eBay now for average price of $1,500. Doing this however will eliminate the ability to earn referral commissions.
  • Now, if an $18 monthly lease payment to make anywhere of 3 - 25 or more tokens per month is too much for you, then STOP reading because you don't deserve this opportunity. How can you expect iHub or any company to simply  give you a $600 device so you could make money out of thin air without having any kind of responsibility on your part?
  • Where else can you find an opportunity where your can potentially have Return on Investment (ROI) in only 6-10 weeks?
  • This is NOT Network Marketing or MLM - nothing to buy or sell, ever
  • Just sync the hotspot and plug near a widowsill and start mining Helium (HNT) tokens
  • Security is built-in since devices using the network have AES private encryption.
  • Nearly zero power cost, roughly 5W at peak. Less than $1.00 of electricity / month.

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  • High quality capture and landing pages provided
  • CAPITAL: $25 monthly

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  • When iHub started, the cost was $500 to join. Then, it was provided for FREE but 22% of the hotspots deployed were never turned on so the company lost revenue. 
  • Now, if an affiliate qualifies for a hotspot, there is a $99 application fee and when the hotspot is deployed in January, there is a $18/mo lease.
  • A voucher for an antenna upgrade worth $89 is included so technically, it only cost $10 to lock-in a hotspot. This antenna would increase the earnings of that hotspot so it is worth it.
  • By locking-in the hotspot, the affiliate will immediately start earning 25% from the start unlike before where only 10% for the first 90 days. Signing-up 5 affiliates is not required anymore.
  • Potential income could be $100 to over $1k. Return-on-Investment (ROI) is achievable in 1-2 months.
  • If an $18 monthly business expense can potentially earn tokens that could be exchanged to pay for gas money, groceries, utility bills or for all of them, wouldn't you do it? It would be foolish for anyone to not take advantage of this very lucrative income opportunity.
  • Application fee and monthly lease are tax deductible business expenses
  • Tokens is earned totally FREE by referring others to be hotspot hosts
  • No requirement to host a hotspot to earn HNT tokens.
  • Business builders earn more
  • Mining is the best way to earn the Helium (HNT) tokens. You are not risking any of your own money.
  • Earn crypto tokens for FREE by just referring new affiliates to iHub
  • ZERO capital. No monthly fees. Passive Income.
  • If you want to have a miner yourself, just pay the $99 application fee and pay $18.00 a monthly lease for the $600 worth hotspot mining device.
  • Available worldwide but only limited slots per area
  • Not MLM. No buying. No selling. No recruiting
  • Hotspot only consumes 5 watts of electricity or $1.00 per month.
  • Just plug the device. Sync with your smart phone, and earn HNT crypto tokens 24/7/365

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