If you see the bigger picture and understand the power of leverage, see the illustrations below of what building a team can do. Review the compensation plan HERE. See below parameters (assumptions):

  • Everyone has an active (online) hotspot
  • Based on Helium (HNT) price = $50.00
  • Click HERE for current HNT Price
  • Average of only 10 tokens per month per affiliate. (A very low estimate)
  • Downline afiliates only sign-up an average of 1 or 2 each. Some will do nothing but there will be some who could have tens and hundreds, more than enough to make up for the difference.

10 Referred Affiliates (with 2 sign-ups per downline affiliate in levels 2-5)

35 Referred Affiliates (with 1 sign-up per downline in levels 2-5)

100 Referred Affiliates (with 1 sign-up per downline in levels 2-5)

For iHub Members Only

Why Recruit at least 10 Affiliates

  • Watch the iHub Strategy for Growth videos
  • It's not hard to do because the number one objection why your friends and family do not join any of your prior businesses, monthly auto-ships has been taken out of the equation. 
  • Just share your iHub referral link and after they watch the 2-minute overview of the iHub opportunity and the Internet of Things (IoT), those with common sense will immediately join
  • This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in the crypto mining industry. Those who never had any exposure to crypto can start here without  risking any of their own funds.
  • Time is a factor because only limited hotspots are available per area so work hard to sign up others and help reserve hotspots immediately
  • Whoever gets the most affiliates WINS!!!.
  • Amazing compensation plan with referral overrides and coded bonuses
  • Best tools for affiliate team building 
  • When you have already exhausted your warm market, there are other ways to sign-up opportunity seekers
  • If you are not a techie and have no clue about  Internet of Things (IoT) yet, it's not a problem, no need to be an expert
  • If you just don't have time to add anything else to your plate, or just not not comfortable discussing the opportunity, then, advertise
  • I can help make your  prospecting / converting of leads easier. No need to do any cold-calling at all