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  • Check the short presentation videos HERE
  • Click HERE to join World Crypto Life.
  • Marketing force behind the IM-C token (I Money-Crypto) an Ethereum based ETH-20 alt coin, registered and based out right here in the U.S.
  • IM-C can do business globally, world renowned, with the most advanced crypto currency trading platform the IM-Exchange, and trading on 2 other exchanges.
  • A GPoint (GPoint for $) which has built in ecosystem, an ever expanding network, and total transparency, set us apart from other usable coins, where we have a growing global market, an attractive travel club, and our own GPoint Wallet.
  • GPoints are used the same as cash, so you can transfer dollars, other currencies, or just go purchase a cup of coffee at your favorite shop.
  • Join the WCL lifestyle and invest or promote, as we are just getting started and enjoy 7 different ways you may earn just by sharing.


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